Tourism services

  • Destination Information
  • International VISA
  • Air-fair booking
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Tourist cover

We officially participated to tourist market in Vietnam in 2013 in the period when there had been a boom of companies who provide tourist related services. However, we realized that there was very few among of those being able to offer suitable and high standard services to foreign travelers. People were confused in choosing a provider which is reputed and ethical. With the goal of providing a high standard tourist service to Vietnamese community in overseas and foreign people who wish to travel to Vietnam to enjoy holiday, we put the service quality become our first priority in any decision. We not only want clients to come to us once, but in regular basic. Let’s come with us to see the difference.

Destination information:

  • Southern: Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong delta, V?ng t?u, Phan thi?t
  • Middle: Đà Nẵng, Hội An, Ba nà hill, Cù Lao Chàm,Huế, Phong Nha Cave
  • Northern: Hà nội, Hải phòng, Hạ Long Bay, Quảng Ninh, Sapa

N??c ?c v?i m?i tr??ng t? nhi?n tuy?t v?i v? m?i tr??ng x? h?i ?a v?n h?a r?ng m? ??c ??o, m?i n?m thu h?t h?ng tri?u l??t kh?ch du l?ch t? kh?p th? gi?i. N?u b?n c? mong mu?n ??n ?c ?? th??ng ngo?n th?ng c?nh ho?c th?m th?n nh?n th? tr??c ti?n b?n c?n ph?i xin m?t Visa du l?ch (Tourist – Visitor Visa).

Visa du l?ch ???c chia l?m 2 lo?i ch?nh l? c? ng??i th?n b?o l?nh v? kh?ng c? ng??i th?n b?o l?nh. ?i?u ki?n ?? xin m?i lo?i Visa n?y l? kh?c nhau v? c?c ?i?u ki?n ???c thay ??i th??ng xuy?n. Xin li?n h? v?i c?ng ty d?ch v? du h?c v? di tr? DNNT ?? ???c t? v?n chi ti?t.

  • C? ng??i th?n b?o l?nh (Visa Subclass 679)

    D?nh cho ng??i mu?n t?i ?c v?i m?c ??ch th?m th?n nh?n. Visa n?y cho ph?p ng??i ???c c?p ? l?i ?c t?i 12 th?ng. ?? xin Visa n?y b?n c?n c? m?t s? b?o tr? ch?nh th?c t? ng??i th?n l? c?ng d?n ?c ho?c th??ng tr? nh?n ?c.

  • Kh?ng c? ng??i th?n b?o l?nh (Visa Subclass 676)

    D?nh cho ng??i mu?n t?i ?c ?? th?m quan. Visa n?y cho ph?p ng??i ???c c?p ? l?i ?c 3 th?ng, 6 th?ng ho?c 1 2 th?ng.