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Nadine Nguyen

My name is Nadine, & I just wanted to say thank you to the Board of Directors at DNNT: Trần Thị Tuyết Nga (Director) & Nguyễn Anh Dũng(CEO). I originally am from Paris- France, and I came to Australia about 3 years ago, in June 2010. The family knew the Directors for a long time now, as they also have helped my other cousins. I have been introduced to them to plan my future in Australia. They enrolled me into Carrick Higher Institute of Education where I have achieved my Bachelor of Accounting in only 2 years! Those years at Carrick were amazing, as I have made newfriends, and also learned to study & work at the same time. Carrick has also helped me to land in a great full time occupation, and I have been working with this company now for almost 2 years! At 21, I have finished my College Degree & am a Client Services Manager at a growing Investment Property Company in Sydney CBD. Co Nga & Chu Dũng have been amazing and have helped me throughout these years to be the accomplished woman that I am today. Thanks to them, I can say that my future in Australia is starting to have a solid pathway. It’s only the beginning of new adventures & a new, and better life ahead! “Thank You” is not and will never be enough to say how much of a big hearts, and helping hand they were. I would not be here today without them. Thank you for your attentive ears, and your support. I definitely will recommend DNNT – International Student Services to any other of my friends & families. Yours Sincerely, Nadine Nguyen.

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