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Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting
Posted: Aug 2, 2015
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The Bachelor of Accounting is a cooperative education program in accounting. It is an intensive course offered in conjunction with major employers. Students complete a compulsory first major in accounting and receive a scholarship and full-time work training.

This course is a specialist degree for high-achieving students who view an accounting career as an excellent foundation for future business leadership. All students in the course receive a $46,500 scholarship over the three years, a year of full-time industry experience and are encouraged to complete a second major or sub-major in another business discipline. Historically, it has a graduate employment rate greater than 95 per cent.

Career options

Career options include accountant, auditor, business analyst, investment manager, management accountant, taxation adviser. Experienced accountants are highly sought after in all industries as well as government and not-for-profit organisations.

Admission requirements

Applicants must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification, Australian Qualifications Framework Diploma, or equivalent Australian or overseas qualification at the required level.

This is an intensive scholarship course for current school leavers. Special application and selection procedures apply, including an early closing date for applications (Friday, 23 October 2015). Full details on application and selection are available from the Bachelor of Accounting website at:


Eligibility for admission does not guarantee offer of a place.

Assumed knowledge

Mathematics and any two units of English.

Course duration and attendance

The course is completed in three years of full-time study, which includes two separate half years of full-time work training. Some subjects are fast-tracked over Summer session, while others are taken part-time during full-time work training, to allow completion of the degree within three years.

Course structure

The course comprises 150 credit points. All students must complete nine foundation core subjects and a compulsory accounting major, and choose from a second major, two sub-majors, or a sub-major plus four electives. Electives or structured elective sequences (totalling 24 credit points) can be taken from any faculty in the University, or from another university or its equivalent, with faculty approval.

Industrial training/professional practice

This course includes two full-time, six-month industry internships, with two different sponsoring employers.

The first internship is in the second half of the first year of the course; the second internship is in the first half of the third year of the course. Students are not paid by the sponsoring employer during these internships, but continue to receive their scholarship.


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